"The moment when a man who is looking for the way meets a man who knows the way is called the first threshold or the first step. From this first threshold the stairway begins. Between 'life' and the 'way' lies the 'stairway.' Only by passing along the 'stairway' can a man enter the 'way.' In addition, the man ascends this stairway with the help of the man who is his guide; he cannot go up the stairway by himself. The way begins only where the stairway ends, that is, after the last threshold on the stairway, on a level much higher than the ordinary level of life."*

* Gurdjieff as quoted by Ouspensky In Search of the Miraculous, p201

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Now Available: Dushka Howarth's recently published memoir
“It's Up To Ourselves”,

coauthored with her mother, Jessmin Howarth.
-- For more information please visit, "The Gurdjieff Heritage Society".--
To read a preveiw of the contents of this book check out the "Gurdjieff International Review.

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